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RSU Advertising and Print Division

This division focuses specifically on freight in the Advertising industry. We have developed specialized IT systems, to manage this date sensitive cargo.

RSU Road-freight Breakbulk Division

Vehicles are scheduled and dispatch daily from our various branches. Vehicles are tracked on route and reliable updates on arrival times are reported.

RSU Courier Freight Division

Focus on the needs of a variety of customers who, in their own capacity, don’t have the volume to secure competitive courier rates.

RSU Cross Border / International Division

We offer a road service into neighbouring states. This is either on dedicated loads or part of break bulk consignments.

RSU In-house Division

For the requirement of an on-site freight specialist, we offer a one stop solution. We will staff the position and install our software to manage the process.


RSU Chain Store Division

This division was required to fulfil the needs of our retail supplier customers. It focuses on the management of the delivery and paper flow.

RSU Vehicle Hire

To facilitate the transport function of self managed Dispatch Departments.


RSU Supply Chain Division

This division incorporates all of the above services and uses them to provide a single solution throughout the process. It includes warehousing and stock management. We offer remote control management of stock via web interface.