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Tailor Made Technology Solution
Right-side up has developed specific software packages that manage all facets of distribution, with specific focus on meeting delivery deadlines. The software provides a mechanism to keep the service levels and the management of service levels consistent, regardless of the operator. Basically we define the rules of the game and the system referees the process. The result is a continuous, uninterrupted dispatch function.


Specialist In-house Managed Skills

Right-side Up has acquired significant skills in this area and are familiar with the dispatch processes of many major outfits. To make the in-house function effectively, there needs to be a clear understanding of the processes prior to the actual dispatch of the freight. In this way the in-house person is able to positively contribute to a common goal.

Comprehensive Follow Up

In the current South African market, far too often your freight is sent off and is in the hands of the lowest bidder. The result is that your valued customer calls after a couple of days to find out where his order is and only then do you find out that there was a problem with the transporter. Right-Side Up views this follow-up as part of the delivery process. There is no point in sending something off if you are not going to make sure that it arrives at the desired point. This follow up process often results in any potential deadline problems being averted before the problem actually happens as we are proactively managing the freight movement instead of waiting for missed deliveries to be reported.

Warehousing and Stock Management

Managing and warehousing stock is a business that is controlled by information. It is our belief that if you control stock, it is imperative to have regular stock counts. This simple practice improves visibility on the products and reduces the risk of stock outs and theft. We have developed software platform the encompasses the practice of receiving stock, processing orders, preparation of delivery notes and delivery invoices, stock-take reporting, etc. In discussions with you, we analyse your requirements and customise the process to fit your specific needs. We offer remote control management of stock via our web page In addition to this we can provide a multitude of management reports, including weekly, monthly and annual ordering trends, early warning alarms on stock outs with varied stock alarms throughout the year, customer ordering trends, return order reporting, stock holding profiles ageing reports on stock, etc.